Flinn Foundation President & CEO, Tammy McLeod.
Tammy McLeod, Ph.D.

President and CEO

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Flinn Foundation Executive Vice President, Bradley W. Halvorsen.
Bradley W. Halvorsen

Executive Vice President

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Flinn Foundation Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Stacy Tucker.
Stacy L. Tucker

Vice President & CFO

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Flinn Foundation Vice President, Communications, Matt Ellsworth.
Matt Ellsworth

Vice President, Communications

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Assistant Vice President, Flinn Scholars Program, Anne Lassen.
Anne Lassen

Vice President, Scholarship and Education Initiatives

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Flinn Foundation Vice President, Bioscience Research Programs Mary O'Reilly
Mary O’Reilly, Ph.D.

Vice President, Bioscience Research Programs

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Dawn Wallace

Vice President, Civic Leadership

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Flinn Foundation Bioscience Program Coordinator, Julie Anderson.
Julie Anderson

Bioscience & Arts Program Coordinator

Flinn Foundation Assistant Vice President, Operations, Lisa R. Baker.
Lisa R. Baker

Assistant Vice President, Operations

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Flinn Foundation Board and Executive Assistant, Felecia Clack.
Felecia Clack

Board & Executive Assistant

Joan Diercks

Program Coordinator, Scholarship and Education Initiatives

Flinn Foundation Communications Coordinator, Christopher Farrington.
Christopher Farrington

Communications Coordinator

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Flinn Foundation Senior Program Manager, Stella Galaviz.
Stella Galaviz

Senior Program Manager

Flinn Foundation Program Manager, Juliet Gomez.
Juliet Gomez

Program Manager

Flinn Foundation Accountant, Veronica Gonzalez.
Veronica Gonzalez

Senior Accountant

Flinn Foundation Executive Assistant & Civic Leadership Program Coordinator, Linda Kissel.
Linda Kissel

Executive Assistant & Civic Leadership Program Coordinator

Flinn Scholars Program Coordinator Haydee Kukowski.
Haydee Kukowski

Program Manager, Scholarship and Education Initiatives

Arizona Center for Civic Leadership Program Manager Sara Larsen
Sara Larsen

Program Manager, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership

Flinn Foundation Communications Manager, Brian Powell.
Brian Powell

Communications Manager

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Flinn Foundation Receptionist & Conference Program Assistant, Vickie Prokop.
Vickie Prokop

Receptionist & Conference Program Assistant

Flinn Foundation Building Operations Specialist, Bob Ramsay.
Bob Ramsay

Building Operations Specialist