Connections & Community

The Flinn Scholarship has countless benefits, from funded study-abroad opportunities to graduating debt free. Scholars build meaningful relationships with professors and enjoy formal mentorship from faculty who serve as academic and career-development guides. 

But when you ask a Flinn Scholar what was most rewarding about their experience, they often cite the Flinn Scholars community.

A tradition of mutual support

The Flinn Scholars have a decades-long tradition of mutual support. When one Scholar learns about a research opportunity, she shares the news with her peers. When another Scholar defends his honors thesis, the presentation room is crowded with fellow Scholars.

Although Flinn Scholars are spread across Arizona, attending college in Flagstaff, Tempe, and Tucson, they make sure to find time to catch up in person. All four classes of current Scholars gather each August in Prescott for the annual retreat and tug-of-war competition. And each class of approximately 20 Scholars spends three weeks together for an international seminar during the summer after freshman year, forming bonds that last through their college years and beyond.

Once a Flinn Scholar graduates, the Scholar becomes part of a powerful alumni network ready to help others along their career path.

Connections for the future

The Flinn Foundation regularly helps Scholars connect with dynamic companies and nonprofit organizations in Arizona for professional-development experiences. With increasing frequency, Scholars find themselves working alongside the program’s alumni.

Connections and relationships made during the undergraduate years continue through graduate school and into careers. Flinn Scholar alumni live and work throughout the world, including a sizable number right here in Arizona, making an impact in their communities as executives, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, physicians, and many other professions.

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