Scholarship Benefits

Flinn Scholarship Benefits

The Flinn Scholarship offers comprehensive financial support and programming, the latter continuing far beyond undergraduate study into Scholars’ personal and professional development after graduation.

The Flinn Scholarship Program, in partnership with Arizona’s three state universities, provides enriched educational offerings that expand a Scholar’s life and career options while creating the kind of stimulating, intellectually challenging environment that some students assume can only be found at the nation’s most selective colleges.

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One of the greatest assets of Arizona’s universities is their size, enabling them to offer strong programs in almost any discipline imaginable. Meanwhile, their honors colleges offer small seminar courses, research-intensive thesis projects, and personal guidance from professors that might be expected at a top liberal arts college.

Meanwhile, the Flinn Foundation routinely provides Flinn Scholars guidance exploring research and travel opportunities and finding professional-development opportunities.

The financial value of the scholarship, including the tuition provided by the universities, exceeds $120,000. Yet Flinn Scholars often describe the community they form as the most meaningful aspect of the program.

Specifically, the Flinn Scholarship benefits include: