Application Timeline

Preparing Early

While the official process begins during the first weeks of senior year, the Flinn Scholars Program recommends Arizona high-achieving students start preparing well before the application opens.

In addition, students throughout high school should pursue challenging and interesting studies and commit to extracurricular activities. Then be ready to apply.

September, Senior Year

Your journey to becoming a Flinn Scholar officially begins in September with the opening of the application. For the Class of 2023, the application opened on Sept. 12. A recorded information session featuring program staff and current Scholars is available for viewing. You will have several weeks to complete the application, including the essays and short-answer questions, and identify two teachers to write recommendations. A counselor’s report is also a required application component.

October and November

After the application deadline (the Class of 2023 deadline was Wednesday, Oct. 19), and before you dive back into one of your many projects, take a deep breath, smile, and acknowledge all that you have accomplished. It is now time to make sure your teacher recommendations are submitted by the deadline. Flinn Scholarship applicants must also submit SAT or ACT scores, but there is no minimum score needed to apply. The Flinn Scholars Program will publicize the latest exams accepted for the scholarship.

January and February

By early January, you will learn whether you have been named a Flinn Scholarship Semifinalist and advance to an interview. Being named a Semifinalist is a great honor—your name and high school are announced, and you will qualify for a special scholarship from one of Arizona’s three public universities.

For the Class of 2023, following the Semifinalist interviews on Jan. 24 and 25, 39 Flinn Scholarship Finalists were announced. Typically, Arizona’s universities plan personalized campus visits for Finalists, including opportunities to meet professors, administrators, and current students in the Honors colleges.


Flinn Scholarship Finalists interview in March with a five-person selection committee. The Class of 2023 Finalists will interview on March 22 and 23. A short time later, about 20 Finalists are offered the Flinn Scholarship. Its value, including funding for tuition, housing, meals, and study abroad, exceeds $130,000.

April and May

The Flinn Foundation makes a public announcement in April after the new class is finalized and celebrates the Flinn Scholars at the annual Recognition Celebration in May.