Goals, Strategies, and Actions

Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap recommends five goals, 17 strategies, and 77 potential actions to realize its mission of Arizona becoming globally competitive and a national leader in select areas of the biosciences by 2025. The goals and strategies provide direction for the Roadmap, while the actions represent the steps Arizona could take to accomplish its goals.

Goal 1: Entrepreneurial Hub

Form a hub of bioscience entrepreneurs and new enterprises across Arizona

Strategies and Actions

Goal 2: Research into Practice

Increase the ability of research-performing institutions to turn bench research results into improved disease/illness prevention, detection, and treatment, plus bio-agriculture and industrial biotechnology products

Strategies and Actions

Goal 3: Bio-Talent

Make Arizona a bio-talent powerhouse where such talent is developed, educated, trained, and retained

Strategies and Actions

Goal 4: Connectivity

Promote Arizona to economic partners in neighboring states, Canada, and Mexico as a place where bioscience research, health care delivery, and commercialization seamlessly intersect

Strategies and Actions

Goal 5: Collaboration

Pioneer a new level of commitment to partnerships to sustain and enhance the state’s “collaborative gene” reputation

Strategies and Actions