Since the launch of Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap in 2002, the Flinn Foundation has commissioned Battelle (now TEConomy Partners) to track progress on performance measures involving the state’s bioscience sector. Data pertaining to a consistent set of metrics was gathered and reported publicly on an annual basis during the Roadmap’s first decade, and is issued biennially during the second decade.

A Roadmap progress update by TEConomy Partners in April 2018 revealed the following data—the most recent available—on key metrics.

Making an Impact

Jobs: There are 25,686 non-hospital bioscience jobs in Arizona and 116,443 total bioscience jobs in 2016, an increase of about 6,000 total jobs from 2014. Since 2002, Arizona bioscience jobs have increased by 58 percent.

Wages: The average salary for a bioscience employee in 2016 stands at $63,801, which is 33 percent higher than the average private-sector wage.

Firms: There are 1,446 bioscience firms in Arizona in 2016, which includes hundreds of small businesses. The number is a small increase from the 1,411 companies in 2014.

NIH Grants: Arizona received $189 million in National Institutes of Health grants in 2017, an increase for a second straight year and a jump from $163 million in 2016. However, competition for research funding remains fierce. Arizona’s share of the nation’s NIH funding has not meaningfully increased over the past decade.

R&D Expenditures: The $504 million in Arizona universities’ research-and-development activity in bioscience-related fields in 2016 is a 12 percent increase since 2014, which had showed a decline from 2013.

Venture Capital: Venture capital funding in 2017 for bioscience firms was $40 million for the second year in a row, a decline from the $82 million recorded in 2015. It also represents just .22 percent of U.S. bioscience venture capital.

University Tech Transfer: University bioscience tech transfer is showing steady gains, with 33 bioscience startups, 119 patents issued and 131 licenses in 2016 and 2017, a 57 percent increase in spinouts over the previous two-year span.

Bioscience Jobs


For additional data released in 2018, visit April 2018 Presentation: The Latest Data on Arizona’s Bioscience Sector

The next data report is scheduled to be released in April 2020.

Data is tracked on the six industry subsectors that comprise Arizona’s definition of the biosciences. It should be noted that the industry data reflect only private industry; research-related jobs at state universities and private research institutions are not incorporated. Also, Arizona’s definition of the biosciences shifted with the updated Roadmap in 2014 to reflect changes in the national definition by Battelle and the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Thus, these industry data do not correlate directly to those from the first decade. Details are available in Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, 2014-2025.

Data from earlier years is available on the First Decade page.