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Flinn Scholars

Nearly 80 Arizona high-school seniors named Flinn Scholarship Semifinalists

Almost 80 of Arizona’s highest-performing high-school seniors have advanced to become Flinn Scholarship Semifinalists, an elite honor for students vying for the prestigious merit-based scholarship. The students, who make up the top 8% of the applicant pool, attend a range of rural and urban schools, including district, charter, and private schools—and even one online academy. […]

Flinn Scholars

Flinn Scholar alums in health care reflect on COVID-19 vaccination

Over the past 35 years, students in the Flinn Scholars Program have pursued careers in dozens of fields, from software engineering, to the diplomatic corps, to filmmaking. But no area has drawn more Flinn Scholars—more than 80 in all—than health care. In 2020, then, Flinn Scholar alumni across the country have assumed frontline roles responding […]

Flinn Scholars

Flinn Scholars pursue global solutions at ASU’s Luminosity Lab

Flinn Scholars are playing lead roles in the Luminosity Lab at Arizona State University by designing, building, and deploying novel solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Four of the lab’s Scholars—Nikhil Dave, Katie Pascavis, John Patterson, and Nathaniel Ross—joined the leadership from the student-driven research and development lab for a CivEx […]

Civic Leadership

Flinn-Brown Fellow Ben Henderson leading operations for neighboring state governor

Ben HendersonDirector of Operations Office of the Governor, ColoradoLinkedInTwitter   Ben Henderson (2014) currently serves as the director of operations and cabinet affairs for Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado. He has spent the last decade working in city and state government focusing on budgeting, economic development, and public administration. Ben lives in Denver with his […]