Flinn Foundation Vice President, Communications, Matt Ellsworth.
Matt Ellsworth

Vice President, Communications


Email | LinkedIn
(Land) 602-744-6813 | (Mobile) 480-438-7608

Matt Ellsworth leads the Flinn Foundation’s communications activities, including strategic planning and messaging, print and digital publications, media relations, and internal, board, and grantee communications.

Matt joined the Foundation’s communications staff in 2007 after several years in the education and social-services sectors. From 2012 to 2015, he served as Assistant Vice President, Flinn Scholars Program, concentrating on broadening the scholarship’s applicant pool, enhancing professional-development opportunities for Scholars, and improving alumni support.

Matt holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing from George Mason University. As a Flinn Scholar, he graduated summa cum laude in English from Arizona State University.

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