Upcoming CivEx Sessions

Arizona Civic Exchange—CivEx—helps Arizonans deepen their commitment to public service, grapple with complex problems, and explore different viewpoints.

All CivEx sessions are built to emphasize discussion with presenters and among participants. The program is open to the public on a registration basis.

Upcoming Sessions

Arizona State University’s Luminosity Lab

December 9, 2020
2:00-3:00 p.m.

Join us Dec. 9 for a CivEx discussion with researchers from Arizona State University’s Luminosity Lab—including several Flinn Scholars. Learn how the team, including some students who are just college freshmen and sophomores, are pursuing novel solutions to some of Arizona’s greatest challenges.

The Luminosity Lab at Arizona State University is a student-driven research & development lab that leverages the network and partnerships of the nation’s largest public university, expertise from academic and industry professionals, and the energy and creativity of its student members, to solve pressing and complex societal problems.


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