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Special Edition Network News: Call to Action: Help AZ complete the census

The 2020 U.S. Census is happening right now, and we need your help!

We know that as Flinn-Brown Fellows, you appreciate the impact the census has on our state. Every ten years, it serves as our guiding tool for equal political representation and distribution of more than $675 billion in funding to support essential services and infrastructure provided to our local communities. [Read More]

August 2020

The month of August typically heralds the hustle and bustle of “back to school,” which inevitably touches the lives of most Arizonans–certainly if you have kids, but even if you do not. The longer commutes and traffic remind us that summer is officially over.

In a typical year, the week before school would be a flurry of shopping, happy school-friend reunions, and the silent joy felt by many parents that school is back in session. That is not our collective experience this year—instead, we are all reimagining schooling at home, in some cases reminiscent of the one-room schoolhouse where children of multiple grades are learning together. [Read More]

July 2020

In May, the whole country watched with agonized incredulity as George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. In the aftermath of Mr. Floyd’s death and so many tragedies like it before, we witnessed our fellow Americans take to the streets to protest and we heard them cry out in generational pain and frustration. We also saw the linking of arms, the holding of hands, and declarations of both black and white voices in unity for change, that gave rise to hope that our beloved country can someday be a place where every person is guaranteed an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In my education policy work, I often tried to push to the forefront strategies to mitigate the “achievement gap” and the impact of socio-economic status as a determinate of student success. As I have had time to reflect, I have become intensely aware of the superficiality of my assumption that the social determinates of education inequity are merely economic. To that end, I intend to engage Fellows and other civic leaders committed to furthering the success of our children of color and bring their work to the forefront during the 2020 seminar series. [Read More]

June 2020

Our team has been extremely busy over the last month reviewing applications for the 2020 Flinn-Brown Fellowship. For me, it has been a great discovery of the wealth of talent and creativity among Arizonans. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the amazing public-policy work that is happening in our state by truly impactful leaders. I am also really proud to say that more than ever, our applicants represent Arizona’s geography from all over the state—from Kingman to St. David to Yuma to Prescott Valley, and many cities and towns in between.

We recruited 22 Flinn-Brown Fellows to assist with the screening of applications. In teams of two, these Fellows helped us carefully consider the range of occupations, perspectives, knowledge, and experience within the cohort. As importantly, how the applicants described their desire to improve the state and their communities weighed heavily in our decision-making. The final selection task will be no easy feat. As the program has gained prestige, there has been increased competition for limited interview and seminar slots. However, in an effort to accommodate this demand, we are increasing our typical cohort from 25 to 30. [Read More]

May 2020

Last week, we closed the application period for the 2020 Flinn-Brown Fellowship. We had a tremendous response this year, with 129 completed applications from truly remarkable individuals representing communities from all over the state.

When we put out the call to service in early April for help in recruiting members, we could not have anticipated to what degree each of you would respond and offer to contribute. This is the true power of the Flinn-Brown Network—the ability to combine talents and expertise with determination and get things done. [Read More]

April 2020

I am truly excited to be joining the Flinn Foundation Arizona Center for Civic Leadership team. Over the last two decades, I have been privileged to serve in a variety of roles in state government and have witnessed first-hand through my work with elected officials, policy and political staff, and community influencers, the impact of effective leadership on public policy and good government practices that ultimately benefits the quality of life of all Arizona residents. [Read More]