Apply for Flinn-Brown

The 2020 Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy application will open in the spring.

The 2020 Flinn-Brown Academy seminars will begin in August and end in November 2020.

Please contact Sara Larsen for more information. And stay up to date with all Flinn-Brown news, including details about the upcoming application process, by receiving our emails.

The 2020 Flinn-Brown Academy schedule is below. This tentative schedule is subject to change.

August 2020
  • 6– 2020 Cohort Meet-and-Greet Happy Hour
  • 7–Session 1
  • 8–Session 2
  • 21–Session 3
  • 22–Session 4
September 2020
  • 11–Session 5
  • 12–Session 6
October 2020
  • 2–Session 7
  • 3–Session 8
  • 16–Session 9
  • 17–Session 10
  • 30–Session 11
  • 31–Session 12
November 2020
  •  13–Session 13
  •  14–Session 14 and Recognition Reception

Application components:

  • Completed online application:
    • Biographical information;
    • Essay responses regarding (1) civic-leadership experience; (2) approach to a policy issue; (3) goals;
    • Current resume;
  • Two endorsement letters by individuals who know the candidate well.

Competitive applicants

The most competitive applicants are clearly willing to strive, risk, and cooperate to lead in Arizona’s state government and responding to statewide issues.

Flinn-Brown looks for Arizonans who are savvy and self-aware, with:

  • A passion to be a long-term player in state government and state and community leadership circles;
  • Broad contributions to a career field or interest area;
  • Sustained community involvement and a public profile;
  • An established career path;
  • A deep curiosity about people and issues;
  • The time—and personal and professional capacity—to take on a new challenge now;
  • High ethical standards, commitment to civility, and a keen interest in working with people from different perspectives;
  • The desire to work to attain or advance to state-level leadership in the next few years.

Flinn-Brown Policies

The Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy is not intended for those who are already state-level elected officials or paid staff members of a political party.

In any of its activities, the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership cannot participate in or donate to a campaign for public office or a ballot measure, or lobby on specific pieces of legislation.

The work and views of individual Flinn-Brown Fellows are independent of the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Center, the statewide network of Fellows, or the Flinn and Brown foundations.

The exchange of many perspectives, and direct engagement with complex public-policy issues, is a core aspect of the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy. Another Flinn-Brown hallmark is the expectation for respect, civility, and the development of relationships with those holding different perspectives. Participants in the Flinn-Brown experience are not asked to abandon their outlooks, but they are challenged to see issues through others’ eyes. There is no single “Flinn-Brown position” on any public-policy issue. In forums public and private, Fellows are welcome to present their experiences and perspectives, and should take care to avoid the appearance of speaking for all Fellows.