About the Roadmap

“Arizona is globally competitive and a national leader in the biosciences in such fields as precision medicine, cancer, neurosciences, bioengineering, diagnostics, and agricultural biotechnology. It excels in offering a deep talent base, a critical mass of entrepreneurs and enterprises, and clinical excellence to turn discovery into firms, products, and talent.” – Bioscience Roadmap Vision: 2014-2025

Welcome to Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, a long-term strategic plan originally commissioned by the Flinn Foundation in 2002 and updated in 2014 with the goal of Arizona becoming globally competitive and a national leader in select areas of the biosciences by 2025.

Roadmap Goals

Arizona's Bioscience Roadmap

The Roadmap features five overarching goals, as well as 17 strategies, 77 potential actions, and five “transformative measures” to help the state achieve this vision. The goals include:

  1. forming an entrepreneurial hub;
  2. turning research into practice;
  3. developing bio-talent;
  4. promoting Arizona’s convergence of research, health care, and commercialization to economic partners in neighboring states, Canada, and Mexico; and
  5. enhancing the state’s “collaborative gene” reputation.

Since the launch of the Roadmap, eight steps have been identified as priorities by Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap Steering Committee. This group is comprised of about 100 state leaders in science, business, economic development, academia, and government that meet quarterly to guide the Roadmap.

The plan was compiled by the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice based on research and input from Arizona science, business, academic and policy leaders as well as national bioscience experts. Battelle also produced the comprehensive study released in 2002 that found Arizona possessed many of the essential elements needed to become a global leader in niche areas in the biosciences, but must strengthen its biomedical-research base and build a critical mass of bioscience firms and jobs.

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Progress Metrics

Throughout the Roadmap’s first decade, Battelle tracked performance data that was released annually by the Flinn Foundation. The performance metrics released in 2014 serve as the benchmark for the second decade of the Roadmap, with new data reported on a biennial basis.

In addition, the Flinn Foundation tracks the progress of the bioscience sector each year by highlighting the state’s major developments.

New data and developments released in April 2020 is available in our current progress report, “The Latest Progress of the Biosciences in Arizona.”
A more detailed analysis of the latest data by TEConomy Partners is available in the presentation, “Biosciences in Arizona: 2020 Performance Review.”