Members of the Flinn Scholars Class of 2015, at the program's 2018 annual retreat                            

Learn more about applying for the Flinn Scholarship 

Does your dream of college include the opportunity to travel abroad, conduct research, and pursue creative expression? The flexibility to explore different fields and majors? The support to pursue internships and volunteer experiences? A talented, welcoming, and driven community of friends to share the journey? Becoming a Flinn Scholar means having all this—and the ability to graduate debt- free from one of Arizona’s public universities.

In scope and value, the Flinn Scholarship is unlike almost any other undergraduate merit-based scholarship in the United States. The scholarship—valued at more than $130,000—covers tuition, fees, housing, and meals at one of Arizona’s three public universities, plus study abroad.

The application for Arizona high-school seniors typically opens in September with the new class announced each April.

Future applicants should begin with these steps:

Components of the Flinn Scholarship Application

The Flinn Scholarship application is comprised of:

  • Forms that collect biographical data and information about current studies, extracurricular activities, and employment;
  • Three essay prompts and two short-answer questions;
  • Two teacher recommendations, submitted separately by your teachers;
  • A report from your high school’s academic counselor, submitted separately by your counselor (and, at the option of that academic counselor, a recommendation if they know you well enough to provide one); and
  • A copy of your transcript, uploaded by your counselor.
  • Flinn Scholarship applicants must submit SAT or ACT scores, but there is no minimum score needed to apply. 

Application Tips

Criteria such as grade-point average and class rank play a part in the Flinn Scholarship selection process, but they are not the sole basis for our decisions.

We evaluate a student’s academic achievement, leadership and involvement, service to the community, ability to communicate, and personal characteristics. Each factor is an important part of the holistic picture that you present to us.

Learn more about the Flinn Scholarship’s benefits and requirements, as well as review tips and frequently asked questions, from these sections of our website:

Send questions about the application process at any time to or call (602) 744-6802.