Alumni Mentor Hour

Connecting Current Scholars with Alumni  

There are countless benefits to joining the Flinn Scholars community. And one such benefit is that last word: Community
The more than 600 Flinn Scholar alumni possess a wealth of knowledge and experience—in academia, the workplace, and in life. And they happen to be especially generous and service-minded toward current Scholars. 

During our Alumni Mentor Hour, one distinguished Flinn Scholar alum is available for an hour of conversation and mentoring exclusively with current Flinn Scholars. It’s the sort of time where you can learn about someone’s journey, ask all kinds of questions that are on your mind—and gain inspiration for your path to success. 

Mentor Hour Schedule

Thursday, March 28, 2024
Shelly Lowe
Chair, National Endowment for the Humanities
Flinn Scholar Class of 1992
University of Arizona

Past Alumni Guests

Jonathan Gandomi (January 2024)
Senior Advisor for Policy, U.S. Agency for International Development
Flinn Scholar Class of 1999
University of Arizona

Serena Hoy, J.D. (December 2023)
Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Flinn Scholar Class of 1990
University of Arizona

Ann Marie Roepke, Ph.D. (November 2023)
Owner, Evoke Training and Consulting
Flinn Scholar Class of 2002
University of Arizona

Marc Engelsgjerd, M.D. (November 2023)
Vice President, Royalty Pharma
Flinn Scholar Class of 1988
University of Arizona

Matt Stone (October 2023)
Executive Vice President, Power2X
Flinn Scholar Class of 2003
University of Arizona

Sara (Knutson) Zervos, Ph.D. (April 2023)
Founder & COO/CFO, Pao App Inc
Expert, International Monetary Fund
Founder, BizzyChicks
Flinn Scholar Class of 1987
Arizona State University

Melissa Sevigny (March 2023)
Nonfiction Writer
Science Reporter, KNAU
Flinn Scholar Class of 2005
University of Arizona

Tina Wu, M.D., MBA (January 2023)
Chief Medical Officer
Waltz Health
Flinn Scholar Class of 1998
University of Arizona

Eric Arellano (December 2022)
Software Engineer
Toolchain Labs
Flinn Scholar Class of 2015
Arizona State University

Cate Hall, J.D. (November 2022)
Chief Operating Officer
Flinn Scholar Class of 2001
University of Arizona

AJ Morales, M.F.A. (May 2022)
Studio Creative Director
Flinn Scholar Class of 1997
Arizona State University

Mark Melamed (March 2022)
Deputy Vice President, Global Nuclear Policy Program
Nuclear Threat Initiative
Flinn Scholar Class of 1999
University of Arizona

Shantanu Bala (February 2022)
Product Engineer
Flinn Scholar Class of 2012
Arizona State University

Rushabh Kamdar (January 2022)
Senior Manager, Quality and Process Improvement
Express Scripts
Flinn Scholar Class of 2000
University of Arizona

Breanne Bushu (December 2021)
Education Consultant
Flinn Scholar Class of 2002
University of Arizona
2016 Flinn-Brown Fellow

Emma Kleiner Blumenthal, J.D. (November 2021)
Law Fellow
University of Arizona Office of the General Counsel
Flinn Scholar Class of 2009
University of Arizona

Ben Whitely (October 2021)
Information Security Engineer
Flinn Scholar Class of 2012
University of Arizona

Michelle Yang, MBA (September 2021)
Writer/Mental Health Advocate
Flinn Scholar Class of 1999
University of Arizona

Justin Kiggins, Ph.D. (June 2021)
Product Manager, Neural Coding
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Flinn Scholar Class of 2002
Arizona State University

Ruby Kerwin (May 2021)
Medical Student
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson
Flinn Scholar Class of 2015
Arizona State University

How to Participate

An invitation with a Zoom link will be emailed to all current Flinn Scholars prior to the event.

If you are a Flinn Scholar alum interested in sharing your story and supporting current Scholars, please contact us by email or at (602) 744-6802.