Flinn-Brown Fellowship

Karen Francis-Begay, the University of Arizona president’s tribal liaison, receives the Arizona Champion, Southern Arizona award from Rachel Yanof at the 2018 Flinn-Brown Convention.

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The Flinn-Brown Fellowship helps experienced civic leaders from throughout Arizona expand their knowledge, skills, and networks to help address Arizona’s long-term issues.

The Flinn-Brown Fellowship offers:
 ● Unparalleled learning about Arizona policy and politics;
 ● Connections with top state leaders and policy experts;
 ● Membership in the powerful Flinn-Brown Network; and
 ● Personalized long-term support for civic-leadership development.

About 30 Arizonans are selected each year for the Flinn-Brown Fellowship in a highly competitive process.

The 2020 Flinn-Brown Fellows were announced in June.

Flinn-Brown is rewarding, intense, and lasting. Flinn-Brown Fellows experience up-to-the moment seminars, long-term support, and participation in the formal Flinn-Brown Network—a powerful body representing cohorts from across the past decade.

Who becomes a Flinn-Brown Fellow?

Flinn-Brown Fellows are experienced civic leaders from across Arizona with broad diversity amongst perspectives, politics, and policy interest. Flinn-Brown Fellows are often seen as experts in their fields and leaders in Arizona’s urban, rural, and tribal communities. They represent various sectors of Arizona’s economy from business and industry to nonprofit and government. View the Flinn-Brown Directory to find Fellows in your field or area.

Diversity of opinion and experience is fundamental to Flinn-Brown. Fellows learn from one another and share a commitment to working across perspectives which enhances the Flinn-Brown Network. 

Fellows also commit to expanding their state-level public service in the near term with a number of potential destinations:

Destinations for Flinn-Brown Fellows

Flinn-Brown Fellowship seminars at a glance

  • Highly Prestigious: A diverse group of strong leaders from throughout Arizona apply for Flinn-Brown each year. 
  • Rich Experience: Twelve full-day seminars on Fridays and Saturdays, plus pre- and post-seminar reading and resources.
  • Tuition-free: There is no cost to participate in the Flinn-Brown Fellowship. Mileage reimbursement and hotel accommodations are provided for participants outside of Maricopa County. Meals and supplies are provided.
  • Nonpartisan Seminars: The focus is on policy, politics, and solutions to Arizona’s pressing challenges. Interactive sessions include essential facts and figures, examination of policy choices, and articulation of key perspectives.
  • Exceptional Presenters: They include highly experienced elected and appointed officials, judges, executives, scholars, and other experts engaged in decision-making at highest levels, plus political analysis from active state-level practitioners.
  • Personal Growth: Offering unique components for assessment and practice of leadership, skills-focused learning events, individualized connections, long-term support, and leadership opportunities.
  • Great Expectations: All Fellows should achieve state-level civic leadership within a few years and offer and receive support from the Flinn-Brown Network beyond the seminar series.

2020 Schedule and Topics

August 2020
Friday, August 21: Economy and Demographics
Saturday, August 22: Government and Budget

September 2020
Friday, September 11: PreK-12 Education
Saturday, September 12: Higher Education
Friday, September 18: Public Health and Health Care
Saturday, September 19: Human Services

October 2020
Friday, October 2: Environment
Saturday, October 3: Infrastructure
Friday, October 16: Criminal Justice
Saturday, October 17: Communications and Media Relations
Friday, October 30: Civic Participation/Recognition Reception

November 2020
Saturday, November 14: Annual Convention

(Schedule subject to change due to COVID-19)

For more information, please contact Sara Larsen at slarsen@flinn.org

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