Arizona’s Universities

Choosing a University

Most applicants for the Flinn Scholarship have dreamed for years of attending one of the nation’s most prestigious universities or liberal arts colleges. We all know the names of those schools: places like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Williams, Amherst, and Pomona. They’re impossible to miss in the U.S. News & World Report college rankings.

Every year, a new class of Flinn Scholars turns them down.

These remarkable students, and hundreds of other high-school seniors like them, decline admission to top colleges and universities outside of Arizona because they understand that choosing a university should be about fit: where outstanding students can find the opportunity, flexibility, support, and community that best matches their personalities, interests, talents, and ambitions.

These students find their fit at Arizona’s universities.

Via powerful academic-research enterprises, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona offer intellectual and experiential opportunities that rival their Ivy League counterparts in important ways. In many cases, the opportunities are even greater at Arizona’s universities: more available fields of study, more chances to participate in cutting-edge research early in the undergraduate years, more options for exciting study-abroad programs.

At the same time, Flinn Scholars enjoy the best of what premier liberal arts colleges offer: an Honors community of fellow students whose academic profiles are exceptionally strong, with small courses taught by superb faculty who often serve as academic mentors and advisers on research and thesis projects.

Such flexibility—the best of a major research university as well as the best of a great liberal arts college—is a critical factor in finding the right fit.

When that flexibility is bolstered by support from the Flinn Scholars Program and the catalytic network that is the Flinn Scholars community, choosing the right university becomes much easier.