Past CivEx Sessions

Arizona Civic Exchange—CivEx—helps Arizonans deepen their commitment to public service, grapple with complex problems, and explore different viewpoints.

All CivEx sessions are built to emphasize discussion with presenters and among participants. The program is open to the public on a registration basis.

Past Sessions

Arizona State University’s Luminosity Lab

December 9, 2020

A CivEx discussion with researchers from Arizona State University’s Luminosity Lab—including several Flinn Scholars. Learn how the team, including some students who are just college freshmen and sophomores, are pursuing novel solutions to some of Arizona’s greatest challenges.

The Luminosity Lab at Arizona State University is a student-driven research & development lab that leverages the network and partnerships of the nation’s largest public university, expertise from academic and industry professionals, and the energy and creativity of its student members, to solve pressing and complex societal problems.

Presentation Slide Deck: Arizona State University’s Luminosity Lab
Read More: Flinn Scholars pursue global solutions at ASU’s Luminosity Lab

Arizona’s COVID-19 Ongoing Response and Recovery—On the Front Lines with Flinn-Brown Fellows in State Government

December 2, 2020

A panel of Flinn-Brown Fellows on the front lines of state government’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic discuss their involvement in responding to the pandemic—their challenges, experiences, and outlook for future response and recovery plans.

Hosted by 2015 Flinn-Brown Fellow Daniel Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer for the state of Arizona, with a panel discussion that featured 2018 Flinn-Brown Fellow Ben Blink, Policy Advisor for Transportation and Technology Innovation, Arizona Governor’s Office; 2017 Flinn-Brown Fellow Sarah Pirzada, Deputy Chief of Operations, Arizona Governor’s Office; 2019 Flinn-Brown Fellow Jessica Rigler, Assistant Director, Arizona Department of Health Services; 2020 Flinn-Brown Fellow Richie Taylor, Communications Director, Arizona Department of Education; and 2019 Flinn-Brown Fellow Alec Thomson, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Campaigns, Arizona Governor’s Office.

Young Talent Progress Meter: The Voice of Young Arizonans

October 29, 2020

The Center for the Future of Arizona led a CivEx discussion with rising leaders about the important role young Arizonans have in creating a successful future for our state.

Attendees learned about The Arizona We Want, a shared vision of success around what matters most to Arizonans, and had a first look at the Center for the Future of Arizona’s new Young Talent Progress Meter.

Hosted by Sybil Francis, Ph.D., president and CEO, Center for the Future of Arizona, with a panel discussion that featured Kristi Tate, director, Civic Health Initiatives, Center for the Future of Arizona; Reetika Dhawan, associate vice president for workforce development career & technical education, Arizona Western College; Khara House, director of community engagement, Bella Investment Group; 2011 Flinn-Brown Fellow David Martinez III, director of capacity building and community engagement, Vitalyst Health Foundation; and 2020 Flinn-Brown Fellow Zach Yentzer, executive director, Tucson Young Professionals.

Presentation Slide Deck: Young Talent Progress Meter: The Voice of Young Arizonans

Morning Scoop: Proposition 207

October 15, 2020

Proposition 207 would permit the recreational use of marijuana by adults in Arizona. What are the arguments for and against the proposition? The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership sponsored the “Morning Scoop: Proposition 207” with the Arizona Capitol Times

The four-person panel featured Kirk Adams, former Speaker, House of Representatives, and former Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office; Chad Campbell, former Minority Leader, House of Representatives, and Yes on Prop. 207; Dale Guthrie, M.D., physician, Gilbert Pediatrics; and Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, No on Prop. 207.

Morning Scoop: Proposition 208

October 8, 2020

What are the strongest arguments from the yes and no campaigns on Proposition 208, which would impose a 3.5% income tax surcharge on taxable individual incomes over $250,000 for single filers and over $500,000 for joint filers? The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership sponsored the “Morning Scoop: Proposition 208” with the Arizona Capitol Times

The four-person panel featured Flinn-Brown Fellows Rep. Joanne Osborne, member, Arizona House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee; and Dr. Risha VanderWey, superintendent, Tuba City Unified School District. David Lujan represented the Yes on Prop. 208 campaign and Jaime Molera the No on Prop. 208 campaign.

A Tale of Two Towns: Rural Economic Revitalization

September 30, 2020

People who work in rural economic development believe their communities can be creative, thriving entrepreneurial centers. Flinn-Brown Fellows Mignonne Hollis and Russ Yelton share a passion for rural Arizona and will discuss how their work has connected with rural communities.

Hosted by Flinn-Brown Fellow Mignonne Hollis, executive director, Arizona Regional Economic Development Forum, and Flinn-Brown Fellow Russ Yelton, president of Yelton and Associates.


Presentation Slide Deck: A Tale of Two Towns: Rural Economic Revitalization

Backgrounder: Rural Arizona Map

Advancing Educational Equity Series: Engaging a Conversation for Post-Secondary Attainment in the Black/African American Community

August 26, 2020

Hosted by Flinn-Brown Fellow Teniqua Broughton, Executive Director, State of Black Arizona
In partnership with Expect More Arizona and Achieve60AZ

Presentation Slide Deck: Engaging a Conversation for Post-Secondary Attainment in the Black/African American Community

Backgrounder: Expect More Arizona » Arizona Education Progress Meter

Call to Action: How Our Communities and Leaders Can Drive Change

Black Philanthropy Initiative – Health Care and Education

July 29, 2020

A webinar to learn about and discuss: the history of the Black Philanthropy Initiative (a permanent endowment of the Arizona Community Foundation); inequities in health around COVID-19; and the state of Blacks in education in Arizona.

Presentation slide deck: Addressing Inequities in the Black Community

Greater Arizona’s People and Places

February 13, 2020

Over 351,000 people, including tribal communities, call 13 counties
outside of Pima and Maricopa home. Dive into what’s happening now in Greater Arizona and how urban and rural fit together.

What We Know and How We Learn: Arizona’s P-20 Education Systems

February 6, 2020

Learn more about achieving Arizona’s education goals.

$1.1 Billion and Counting: Exploration of Criminal Justice Systems

January 30, 2020

The Arizona criminal justice system is complex. Learn more about who’s who in the system and explore successful solutions and interventions for critical issues.

Fascinating AZ: Our State’s People and Public Dollars

January 23, 2020

Learn the basics about Arizona public revenues and expenditures,
population demographics, and what it all means for 2020.

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