The biosciences cannot be described in just one word or with a simple definition, yet they all have something in common:

The biosciences are improving the quality of life in Arizona.

Simply put, the biosciences are any of the sciences that involve the biological aspects of living organisms. A more technical definition can be found on the Data page.

Together, the biosciences improve our world by developing treatments for health afflictions with safer and more affordable medicines, creating diagnostics that gauge and prevent illness, and strengthening our food supply.

In addition, the biosciences combine high-tech research, academia, and product commercialization to strengthen and diversify our economy by creating cutting-edge companies and high-paying jobs. Entrepreneurs are doing their part by launching innovative startups that are improving the lives of Arizonans and people around the world.

The Flinn Foundation supports the advancement of the biosciences in Arizona through grantmaking and coordinating Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, which was released in 2002 and updated in 2014 to guide the growth and development of the state’s bioscience sector through 2025.

The Roadmap’s tagline, “Advancing the Biosciences and Improving Health Outcomes” recognizes the broad spectrum of the biosciences, the emerging fields of health informatics, economics, and diagnostics, as well as the central role of health care within the bioscience sector.