2022 Flinn-Brown Convention

The annual Flinn-Brown Convention will be held Friday, Nov. 4 at the Dorrance Center at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

This year, the Fellows Planning Committee has chosen the theme of “The State of Our Democracy.” Our all-day event will include topics related to our democratic processes and institutions, including data-driven discussions on what Arizonans want from our policymakers, how the language we use can impact our messaging around civic engagement, and speakers and panelists who will speak to our state’s elections process and opportunities for reform.

Additionally, we will have several art exhibits for Fellows to enjoy in the Ottosen Gallery adjacent to Dorrance. The Desert Botanical Garden will feature nature prints from local Arizona artists. Our friend, Ann Morton, has agreed to display samples of her textile squares from her Violet Protest series, and our own Flinn-Brown Fellow Elaine Kessler has organized an interactive pop-up exhibit featuring themes related to democracy and civic leadership.

A Fellows reception in the Boppart Courtyard will immediately follow the Convention program.

Tickets are $30. Financial assistance is available. (This event is for Flinn-Brown Fellows only.)

Confirmed Speakers for the 2022 Convention

Headshot of Katherine Gel
Katherine M. Gehl
Author, The Politics Industry

As our lunchtime keynote, Katherine M. Gehl, author of “The Politics Industry,” looks at America’s political system through an industry-competition lens in order to better understand its structure and problems, and to identity the most powerful and achievable solutions to those problems. Katherine’s work to better define the politics industry has sparked new strategies and organizations coast to coast who are working to convert theory into action.

Every Fellow will get a free copy of her book.

Steven Olikara

As the founding & former CEO of the Millennial Action Project and a former candidate for office, Steven Olikara will speak about his experience of building the largest nonpartisan organization of young lawmakers in the U.S., as well as his work as a nationally-recognized political commentator and an avid musician who writes prolifically about the roles of artists in our democracy.

Dr. Sybil Francis
President & CEO
Center for the Future of Arizona
Kristen Cambell
Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement

Dr. Sybil Francis, Ph.D., will open the convention with a presentation on the Arizona We Want, specifically sharing Gallup polling data that identifies what matters most to Arizonans across a broad set of critical issues, including our state’s civic health.

Kristen Cambell will present the national results of the Civic Language Perceptions Project, which highlights how Americans, and Arizonans specifically, view the words we use when talking about civic engagement and civic health.

Flinn-Brown Awards

Five awards honoring high-impact leaders are granted each year at the Convention: Jack Jewett Award, Network Builder Award, and three Arizona Champion (Northern, Central and Southern Arizona) awards.

We are excited to announce that Flinn-Brown Fellow Ben Graff, the first recipient of the Jack Jewett Award, will host this year’s Flinn-Brown Awards!

Thank you to everyone who nominated a Fellow for an award. All nominations will be reviewed by the Fellows Council for their final selection.

Sponsorships and Swag

We are very grateful to the Helios Education Foundation, Elaine Kessler Photography, and First Things First for sponsoring our Convention again this year!

We invite sponsors to help provide a high-quality, professional learning experience for our Fellows at the Convention. Sponsors may showcase their support through presenting, reception, and breakout sponsorships, including prominent logo display, brand recognition through social media, and recognition on the event website and program.

To find out more about sponsorships, see the brochure.

We also invite Fellows to promote their organization at the Convention through free promotional and marketing items. This is an excellent way to market organizations represented by the Flinn-Brown Network, and we are happy to collect and distribute to event participants.

Please contact Dawn Wallace or Jennifer Papworth to donate items.

Meet the Planning Committee

Thank you to the 2022 Flinn-Brown Convention planning committee, including co-chairs Paul Perrault (2016) and Josue Macias (2019).

Paul Perrault
2016 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Josue Macias
2019 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Paul Brierley
2011 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Kate Ali’varius
2012 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Fellow Pele Peacock Fisher headshot
Pele Peacock Fischer
2013 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Candace Park
2018 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Pearlette Ramos
2018 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Derrik Rochwalik
2018 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Patrick Tighe
2019 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Nicole Barraza
2020 Flinn-Brown Fellow

Friday, November 4, 2022
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Desert Botanical Garden
Dorrance Center
1201 N. Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Tickets are $30. Financial assistance is available.