Flinn-Brown FAQs

  • What is the Flinn-Brown Academy timeline?
    Typically, the 12 full-day Flinn-Brown Academy sessions are presented over a period of 8-10 weeks each fall. The Flinn-Brown Academy for the 2020 cohort will begin in August 2021. The next application cycle will begin in spring 2022.  

    2021 Flinn-Brown Academy (postponed from 2020) 

    August 2021
    Thursday, August 19: Meet and Greet
    Friday, August 20: Economy and Demographics
    Saturday, August 21: Government and Budget

    September 2021

    Friday, September 10: PreK-12 Education
    Saturday, September 11: Higher Education
    Friday, September 24: Public Health and Health Care
    Saturday, September 25: Human Services

    October 2021
    Friday, October 8: Environment
    Saturday, October 9: Infrastructure
    Friday, October 22: Criminal Justice
    Saturday, October 23: Communications and Media Relations
    Friday, October 29: Civic Participation/Recognition Reception

    (Schedule subject to change)

  • Who is selected to be a Flinn-Brown Fellow?
    Flinn-Brown Fellows are emerging civic leaders from across Arizona with broadly diverse perspectives, politics, and policy interests. Fellows have expertise in their fields and are leaders in Arizona’s urban, rural, and tribal communities. They represent sectors of Arizona’s economy from business and industry to nonprofit and government. The Flinn-Brown Fellowship targets individuals working to address Arizona’s most challenging issues who want deeper knowledge and experience, a connected, diverse network, enhanced leadership skills, and a collaborative atmosphere.
  • What are the benefits of the Flinn-Brown Fellowship?
    The Flinn-Brown Fellowship provides opportunities for civic leaders from throughout Arizona to expand their knowledge, skills and networks to help address Arizona’s long-term issues. The Flinn-Brown Fellowship offers unparalleled learning through the Flinn-Brown Academy with a cohort, skill-building workshops, and an annual convention. Fellows are connected with top state leaders and policy experts.
  • What are the application requirements?
    The 2020 application included three essay prompts regarding the applicant’s civic-leadership experience, approach to a policy issue, and civic-leadership goals. Applicants also submitted two letters of endorsement, a current resume and a 20-second introductory video regarding their interest in the Flinn-Brown Fellowship. The next application cycle will begin in spring 2022.
  • Who is ineligible to apply?
    The Flinn-Brown Fellowship is not intended for those who are already state-level elected officials or paid staff members of a political party.
  • Is there an interview process?
    Yes. A limited number of applicants are selected for an interview with the Flinn-Brown Selection Committee.
  • When are applicants notified about selection decisions?
    All applicants, whether invited to interview or not, are notified of their status after a review committee completes its work. A similar model is employed after interviews.        
  • Who should write letters of endorsement?
    Applicants should seek letters of endorsement from individuals who can provide deep insight on the applicant’s background, past leadership experience, potential for greater civic leadership, and readiness to participate in the Flinn-Brown Fellowship. These letters are a vital element of the selection process, and we encourage candor and depth from endorsers. 
  • Is there a cost for the Fellowship?
    There is no cost to participate in the Flinn-Brown Fellowship. The Flinn Foundation, with support from the Thomas R. Brown Foundations, covers the cost of participation and supplies for Fellows in the current cohort.
  • What if I live outside of Maricopa County?
    Hotel accommodations for those attending the Flinn-Brown Academy from outside Maricopa County are provided. Mileage is reimbursed for travelers and carpooling from across the state is encouraged.
  • Are there time commitments outside of the Flinn-Brown Academy sessions?
    Yes. Fellows should plan for prep time before each Flinn-Brown Academy session. Pre-reading the material provided is extremely important. Fellows are also expected to prepare to engage in thoughtful discussions and deep dialogue. Additionally, teams will have opportunities during the sessions to collaborate on projects but may need to meet at other times to complete the projects.
  • What if I have to miss a Flinn-Brown Academy session or weekend?
    Fellows are expected to attend all Flinn-Brown Academy sessions as participation is a key component of the program. However, we understand that Fellows may have unavoidable conflicts and commitments. If you believe you will miss more than one weekend, we highly encourage you to apply for a future cohort. If excused, Fellows are asked to make up the missed session during a future Academy.