Goals, Strategies, and Actions

Goal 2: Research into Practice

Increase the ability of research-performing institutions to turn bench research results into improved disease/illness prevention, detection, and treatment, plus bio-agriculture and industrial biotechnology products

Strategy 2a:

Develop a premier research leadership stature in Arizona and increase the competitiveness of the state and its institutions for R&D funds from industry, government, and philanthropy, with a focus on core niches, unique disease populations, and demographics emphasizing areas that can lead to disease/illness prevention, a holistic approach, and reflect the state’s population

  • Actions
    Establish a statewide Translational Bioscience and Health Outcomes Research Fund to help build Arizona’s research base, particularly around applications and development—not in basic discovery
    Convene conference of state leaders to help identify the focus of near-term research
    Form and support scientific technical networks in key focus areas
    Study the impact and contributions of the Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF), identify any changes in structure, fund use, or objectives, and secure its renewal in 2020

Strategy 2B:

Scale up and initiate major strategic partnerships among research-performing institutions, industry, and foundations, as well as others focused on Arizona’s disease/technology platforms

  • Actions
    Form consortia of physicians, scientists, and others involved in Arizona disease focus areas, based on the success of the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium
    Convene key university and nonprofit players on a regular basis who can identify and collaboratively pursue major federal and industry partnerships both within and outside Arizona
    Consider the feasibility of developing private industry-aligned institutes within the walls of public universities (e.g., German Fraunhofer)
    Build on Arizona’s unique strengths in molecular manufacturing through strategic manufacturing partnerships
    Expand efforts to build common clinical infrastructure and Institutional Review Board capabilities to promote collaboration
    Secure a Clinical and Translational Science Award grant and program for Arizona

Strategy 2C:

Support and fully operationalize Science Foundation Arizona

  • Actions
    Secure support from the Governor and Legislature to reinstitute public funding of Science Foundation Arizona
    Work with Science Foundation Arizona and its board to assess ways the organization can help implement the updated Roadmap