Goals, Strategies, and Actions

Goal 5: Collaboration

Pioneer a new level of commitment to partnerships to sustain and enhance the state’s “collaborative gene” reputation

Strategy 5A:

Remove growing impediments to collaboration between and within institutions through incentives for collaboration and performance accountability

  • Actions
    Bring young and innovative entrepreneurs into Arizona’s bio and life sciences leadership through a Bioscience Leadership Academy
    Encourage the Bioscience Roadmap Steering Committee to host mini-workshops and seminars on issues requiring collaboration, including regional collaboration, while increasing its catalyst role by fostering conversations about the state’s needs
    Form a conference for state leaders that would meet at least quarterly to increase and improve communications
    Provide awards and prizes for outstanding collaboration
    Undertake a study and review of entrepreneurial assistance programs to develop a less fragmented and more streamlined structure
    Focus on breaking down institutional barriers to collaboration, including among hospitals, by creating an honest-broker function with supporting resources
    Convene interested parties to build a “home brew” model of collaboration in diagnostics that links all three regions of the state

Strategy 5B:

Strengthen bioscience advocacy at the local, state, and national levels

  • Actions
    Strengthen trade association efforts to educate and lobby on behalf of biosciences at the state and local levels, and form alliances with patient advocacy, hospital, and physician groups that can be partners in a common agenda
    Position the Steering Committee and its members to be more active with respect to advocacy
    Identify strategic opportunities to develop federal centers and labs, such as the National Biomarker Development Alliance, and to generate major science and technology awards, and federal research and technology investments
    Increase elected officials’ knowledge of the bioscience and health industries, as well as research, through education forums and other outreach activities

Strategy 5C:

Ensure the updated Roadmap has built-in accountability for performance

  • Actions
    Ensure the updated Roadmap has built-in performance accountability