Wound Healing Society recognizes advanced research at Regenesis Biomedical

May 8, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: Regenesis Biomedical] – Regenesis Biomedical, Inc., a medical technology company that markets the Provant® Wound Therapy System, announced today the Wound Healing Society has awarded its prestigious Blue Ribbon Award to Regenesis in recognition of the company’s contribution to gene expression research. Regenesis has focused its research efforts on advancing the body of knowledge about the tissue regeneration process. This is the second consecutive year that Regenesis has earned a top award for basic science research.

The Wound Healing Society (WHS) awards the Blue Ribbon Industrial Research and Development Award to companies that show the biological mechanisms of action or efficacy of therapies. The competition is designed to recognize the best product-oriented research within the corporate world. The Regenesis abstract is titled “The Effects of a Pulsed Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field (PRFE) on Gene Expression Using Co-Cultures of Human Dermal Fibroblasts and Epidermal Keratinocytes in vitro.” The award was made at the 19th Annual Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) in Dallas, Texas, April 26-29, 2009.

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