The esq. ledger, British edition

March 7, 2008

By hammersmith

We were looking at this morning’s dismal job numbers, thinking about the price of gas, wondering about the falling dollar… and on the one hand, we were thinking, Maybe it’s the wrong moment enter the cutthroat specialty bakery sector, selling artisanal muffin tops at clean, well-lit shops nationwide.

But on the other hand, we were thinking, Will the moment ever be perfect? And if things are a little rough here, why not find someplace else to become a gazillionaire?

And that’s how we got to this business plan:

  1. Move to London.
  2. Set up a muffin-top bakery near Buckingham Palace.
  3. Start mainly with dark chocolate muffin tops, a little poofier than normal, and call them Beefeaters.
  4. Expand a little bit.
  5. Call John Malik (’92), VP for Morgan Stanley’s emerging markets operation in London, to work out details for takeover of Dunkin’ Donuts and whoever makes Nutella.
  6. Expand some more.
  7. Call Tracey (Dickman) Cherryman (’90), associate focusing on international estate and trust planning and taxation at Bryan Cave LLP’s London office, to work out the details of a comfortable retirement.

With a team like that, it’s gotta be pretty much foolproof, right?