Six degrees of Tony Romo, vol. 2

November 8, 2007

By hammersmith

We swear we’re not going to talk about football forever. In some ways, we think, Don DeLillo had it right.

But still, this is fun:

  1. Nick T. Spark (’88 ) is producing a new documentary, “Pancho Barnes!“, which features
  2. Chuck Yeager, playing himself, unlike in “The Right Stuff,” where he had a bit part opposite
  3. Dennis Quaid, who was in “Any Given Sunday” with
  4. Terrell Owens, playing himself, which is what we think he’s doing these days as he tries to catch footballs thrown by
  5. Tony Romo.

So, how about that Nick T. Spark? Talk about a creative talent (and, coincidentally, a fairly good counter-example to Murphy’s Law).

Want to invest in the new movie? He’ll be glad to discuss the details with you…