Science Fair Central introduced by Scotch Brand

February 20, 2009

By hammersmith

Introducing Scotch™ Brand Science Fair Central

With an emphasis on hands-on investigations, field work, and doing science like a “real scientist,” is a relevant, creative (and fun) science fair tool on the web.


Teachers: Follow a clear pathway to help students develop and present successful projects. Science Fair Coordinators: Save time with a customizable timeline, letter to parents, judging criteria and a detailed checklist to organize experts and novices alike.

Parents and students: Get tips & tricks for creating a winning display, printable shopping lists complete with where-to-buy information and coupons for Scotch® Brand display products.

At the end of the day, the student’s science fair display matters most.  It tells the story behind the hard work and is something for students to be proud of.  Using products like Scotch® Clear Removable Mounting Squares lessens frustration and makes a big difference in the finished display. To learn more about creating a winning display and to get Scotch® Brand product coupons visit and get started.  Also click to sign up for Scotch® Brand offers and information.

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