Pima C.C. offers two biotech courses

August 10, 2007

By hammersmith

This fall, Pima Community College West Campus will offer two courses that are highly relevant to the biotechnology community. BIO 135, Genetics, Biotechnology, and Human Affairs is a non-majors, general education course which would be highly appropriate for someone wanting to understand more about biotechnology and get a taste of key techniques. BIO 206 is a core course in our Biotechnology Certificate Program and provides instruction in recombinant DNA techniques. There is some financial aide available for BIO 206, through Job Path and the DOL. For more information, contact Lisa Werner, 520-205-6002.

BIO135 Genetics, Biotechnology, and Human Affairs
CRN: 14825
Instructor: Werner PhD, L A
Credit Hours: 4.00
Meeting Time T R 5:40pm – 8:20pm 08/22/07-12/16/07

  • An introduction to human genetics and biotechnology including career exploration, history and application of recombinant DNA technology, the human genome project, and laboratory safe practices. Includes introduction to biotechnology, fundamentals of cell biology and genetics, applications of biotechnology, bioethics, careers in biotechnology, and laboratory techniques.

BIO206 Biotechnology Instrumentation I
Credit Hours: 4.00
CRN: 12843
Instructor: Werner PhD, L A /Team
Meeting Time M W 5:40pm – 8:20pm 08/22/07-12/16/07

  • Principles and methodologies of recombinant DNA technology. Includes preparation of solutions and growth media in a laboratory setting, and genetic analyses.