Michel Becquet, watch your back

January 22, 2008

By hammersmith

Six months to go until the world premiere of Lost Canyon II, and everywhere we turn, people are already getting revved up for the talent show. We just saw three hacky sack prodigies doing calisthenics out on the quad.

Regarding the talent show: The eight-member Rules Committee has just issued a press release that reiterates a key decision: absolutely no PBE (Performance Bug Eating) will be allowed in 2008. Which is probably appropriate, given that Kevin Jernigan (’92) is out of the country. (Doc Jernigan is now in Loja, Ecuador, participating in an ethnobotanical project with the Shuar indigenous group.)

Also banned by the Rules Committee will be LFPs (Long-Form Puns), popularized in the mid 1990s by Jeremiah Loverich (’93), who offered an extensive riff on the arrival to the United States of his tough-as-nails Uncle Guido. (Jeremiah is bi-locating in Berkeley and Palo Alto, doing youth ministry at St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Berkeley and working with college students at Stanford, and writing really terrific poetry.)

One topic not addressed–but much debated–by the Committee, was whether musicians who have performed at world-famous venues will be eligible to compete as amateurs; the Committee’s executive board requested one more talent show during which it will gather data.

So for now, Matt Petterson (’05) is eligible to participate, despite what he is going to be up to this March.

Matt (profiled here, by the Herberger College of the Arts at ASU), who’s a kinda accomplished trombonist, spends some of his spare time assisting with the direction of Desert Vista High School’s band. And they’re going to New York, so Matt’s going to hitch a ride–and the people in charge have asked him to bring his instrument. That’s right, he’s on the program to be a soloist at Carnegie Hall.