FLINNtalks: Michelle Minitti

January 30, 2020

By Matt Ellsworth

Michelle Minitti | 1991 Flinn Scholar

On two journeys: a mission to Mars, and her own odyssey to become a planetary scientist

Class of 1991 Flinn Scholar Michelle Minitti is the principal of Framework, a consultancy specializing in planetary-science research and Mars mission operations. Michelle is a co-investigator for the Mars Curiosity Rover, working with members of the engineering and operations teams utilizing the Mars Hand Lens Imager and the Mars Descent Imager projects; as co-investigator for the Mars 2020 Rover, she contributes to planning for operations of the Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations and Engineering (WATSON) investigation. Michelle is a graduate of the University of Arizona and earned a Ph.D. in geological sciences from Brown University.