Fast track

June 25, 2008

By hammersmith

We first bumped into a certain Janet Napolitano way back in the spring of 1993, a few months before she became the U.S. Attorney for Arizona; at the time, she was still punching the clock as a lawyer for Lewis and Roca.

Kim DemarchiAnd on the very same day that we caught a glimpse of the future Guv, we met Kim Demarchi (’93) for the first time.

Well, Kim’s now at Lewis and Roca herself, and the other day we heard some very good news: she’s been named a partner of the firm. It’s been an awfully quick ascent–she’s only had her J.D. for eight years.

This isn’t a suggestion that Kim’s definitely going to be running the whole state of Arizona one of these days.

But we see a pattern.