BioFlorida launches foundation to foster bioscience education and collaboration

February 22, 2010

By hammersmith

BioFlorida launches foundation to foster bioscience education and collaboration,1171947.shtml#ixzz0gIGsZJNg


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – (Business Wire) BioFlorida, the statewide trade association founded in 1997 to advance Florida’s bioscience industry, has approved a plan to launch The BioFlorida Institute, a not-for-profit foundation focused on education, professional development and industry resources. The Institute, working in partnership with BioFlorida, will create programs to improve science education and support bioscience entrepreneurs and scientists throughout the state.


“Establishing this new Institute is a major step forward because it allows us to support the growing bioscience industry through workforce training and fostering the next generation of bioscience leaders to capitalize on our strong foundation within the state,” said Tom McLain, BioFlorida’s Chairman of the Board and CEO of Claro Scientific in St. Petersburg. “The BioFlorida Institute will also create an industry resource center to connect early stage companies with suppliers, partners and service providers in Florida to assure they grow and create jobs here. Both of these initiatives will help to drive near-term and long-term growth in the biotechnology sector of Florida’s economy.”


The Institute’s top priorities include supporting entrepreneurs and scientists who want to bring their concept to the marketplace; fostering better math and science education programs in Florida; providing industry-specific workforce training to help create high paying biotechnology jobs within the state; and researching trends and developments in Florida’s bioscience industry to benchmark its progress.


“The BioFlorida Institute will provide infrastructure and services to an industry that relies on collaboration. Complementing BioFlorida’s member programs, advocacy and marketing will help grow Florida’s bioscience cluster to reach its full potential,” said Russell Allen, President and CEO of BioFlorida.


The BioFlorida Institute is establishing its leadership and organizational structure. Initial fundraising efforts are being sought to immediately build on BioFlorida’s career & education programs for high schools and to create the industry resource center.


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