Attention Arizona Biology/Chemistry teachers!

July 9, 2007

By hammersmith

Did you ever want to be a researcher? There is an amazing opportunity awaiting you. Mesa Public Schools Biotech Academy, ASU Polytechnic, and the Biodesign Institute at ASU are the recipients of a grant from Science Foundation Arizona, designed to train high school teachers in Authentic Genomic Research Lab Skills and Techniques. This three year project is designed for current and future teachers to learn about how authentic industry/university research works, and how to incorporate it into your curriculum. This will be a hands-on process with one college level course each academic year as well support for classroom incorporation each spring from grant personnel.

Why should I be interested in more classes?

There are three graduate level classes including full tuition scholarship included for all selected participants (12 graduate level credits). These courses include practical, highly applicable training in the theory and practice of basic microbiology, DNA purification, PCR, gene cloning, protein analysis, and the mathematical calculations necessary for these techniques.

What else do I get other than 12 free graduate level credits?

Teachers who are accepted into the program will receive seed money to build new biotechnology programs or continue the support of current programs in order to purchase needed equipment and supplies! This is up to $4,500 per year to implement biosciences at your school and/or district! This goes hand in hand with matching monies from your district for a total pool of over $13, 000 per teacher over the three year course of the program. For questions regarding this funding requirement, contact Mrs. Xan Simonson, Principal Investigator, at 480-472-5783. You must commit to all three years of the program, as well as receive support from your school/district to match the monies supplied by the grant in order to ensure adequate funding for your program.