We’re hiring: Vice President, Bioscience Research Programs [POSITION NOW CLOSED]

January 11, 2018

By Matt Ellsworth

Flinn Foundation - main entrance view

The Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation is currently seeking candidates for one of its most important executive positions: Vice President, Bioscience Research Programs.

This position will begin in summer 2018.

The individual appointed as Vice President, Bioscience Research Programs, will exercise major responsibility for implementing goals for the Foundation’s primary area of grantmaking, working closely with a distinguished board of directors, a team of high-performing staff colleagues, and leaders in the biosciences throughout Arizona and beyond.

The Flinn Foundation’s grantmaking in the biosciences aims to foster investment in critical bioscience and biomedical research infrastructure and talent, prioritizing collaborations that promote translational research, toward better health outcomes for Arizonans and commercialization opportunities that attract new industry.

In concert with its grantmaking, the Flinn Foundation serves in a stewardship role for Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, the state’s long-term bioscience strategic plan, and staffs the Roadmap’s Steering Committee, comprised of leaders from key industry, academia, research, and government institutions, all committed to the success of Arizona’s bioscience sector.

The full position description is now available.

Potential candidates should contact Brad Halvorsen, Flinn Foundation Executive Vice President, at bhalvorsen@flinn.org or 602-744-6803.