ASU appoints pioneering innovator Alan Nelson as director of the Biodesign Institute

March 5, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: Joseph Caspermeyer, Biodesign Institute] – Arizona State University has appointed pioneering scientist and entrepreneur Alan C. Nelson, PhD, as director of the Biodesign Institute. This transdisciplinary research facility on ASU’s Tempe campus brings together hundreds of scientists who are pursuing projects ranging from personalized medicine and new vaccines to alternative fuels and cleaning the environment.

Dr. Nelson is the developer of a number of medical innovations, including a landmark technology that dramatically improved detection of cervical cancer. He is currently President and CEO of VisionGate, Inc. in Washington State, which is developing a screening test for lung cancer.

ASU President Michael M. Crow said that the appointment will enable the Biodesign Institute to continue its positive trajectory in terms of both critical research advances and economic returns. “Last year, the Biodesign Institute generated more than $60 million in external funding and disclosed 50 new inventions. These tight economic times make it more important than ever for us to preserve and diversify programs that have a proven ability to generate revenue and that ultimately will have a profound benefit to society,” said Crow.

Nelson succeeds Dr. George Poste, who, last summer, was tapped to head ASU’s new Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative. In his new role, Poste has been charged with enhancing the quality and competitiveness of research programs across ASU using the successful concepts he established at the Biodesign Institute. Poste has continued to serve as the Institute’s director while a replacement was sought.

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