Vision of shared prevention trials lures pharma to table

February 26, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: NewsWise] – On 26 January 2010, at an ordinary airport hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, an extraordinary gathering unfolded. High-level representatives of 19 different pharma, biotech, and medical companies from across the U.S. and Europe—businesses that compete fiercely for the same market—spent the entire day cooped up in one room. There they engaged in a searching, at times surprisingly candid, discussion with academic research leaders, funders, and regulatory and statistics experts. Their topic? How they could set aside their competition in order to advance a shared vision of testing candidate drugs in people who are at imminent risk for Alzheimer disease but have no symptoms. In other words, these are future patients who, pathologically speaking, may already have Alzheimer’s but as yet without the dementia that epitomizes the disease in most people’s minds.

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