UA labs research myriad sciences

January 28, 2008

By hammersmith

[Source: Dan Sorenson, Arizona Daily Star] –

You’d probably like Robert Gillies, or at least what he’s trying to do.

What’s not to like? He and his research group are trying to eliminate the need to repeatedly stab cancer patients with big, hollow biopsy needles.

But it’s hard to tell that from his titles and affiliations at the University of Arizona.

“I’m the director of the Advanced Research Institute for Biomedical Imaging. I’m appointed in the departments of radiology, biochemistry and molecular biophysics (as well as) the physiology, biomedical engineering and biological chemistry programs,” says Gillies.

“We do cancer imaging,” says Gillies of his ARIBI (Advanced Research Institute for Biomedical Imaging) role.

The intent is to see inside a human body being treated for cancer and observe its response to the cancer drug without a biopsy.

The work involves a number of tongue-twister technologies