Three Flinn Scholars tell their stories of accepting the Scholarship

April 4, 2019

By Matt Ellsworth

Flinn Foundation: When offered the Flinn Scholarship, did you hesitate to accept it? If so, what considerations were you considering?

Ruby Kerwin: By the time I was offered the Flinn Scholarship, I was really excited to accept it. I had learned about the opportunities Flinn provides and the academic programs at Arizona State University through the interview process. I had been considering a few liberal-arts schools, because I was attracted to the smaller classes and strong campus communities. After talking to professors at ASU and current Flinn Scholars, I realized I would have more opportunities in research, community involvement, and coursework at ASU if I chose to accept Flinn.

Alexa Nguyen: I did hesitate to accept the Flinn Scholarship, and I was waiting to see what other schools would offer me in terms of financial aid. Realistically, I knew that most of the schools I applied to would offer me little to no aid, but I still held out. My heart wasn’t set on attending a particular school, but part of me felt that staying in Arizona might limit my future options; I considered how a “brand name” school would look better for name recognition. In hindsight, I realize that your undergraduate experience is defined more by what you choose to get involved with, and that attending a large public institution, like the University of Arizona, actually helped me stand out by providing opportunities, such as research and community involvement.

Ben Trumpinski: Not for a minute! I had applied for a few out-of-state schools, and was offered some scholarships, but in my mind the benefits of Flinn far outweighed what I would gain by going to an out-of-state school.  Plus, I do love Arizona, and didn’t mind the thought of staying here a few more years.

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