Teach for America reports on Phoenix progress

July 6, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: Pearl Chang Esau, Executive Director, Teach For America, Phoenix]I am eager to share our 2008 Annual Report with you.  In an effort to reduce our costs this year, we have decided to not print this year’s report and, instead, hope you will view it online at the following link:  www.teachforamerica.org/about/annual_report.htm.

We hope you enjoy reading about the progress we have made as an organization towards our 2010 goals, which include:

·         Growing to scale while increasing the diversity of the corps

·         Maximizing the impact of corps members on student achievement

·         Fostering the leadership of our alumni as a force for change

·         Building an enduring American institution

Phoenix Region Updates:

  • This fall, 150 first-year Phoenix corps members will join our 200 second-year corps members to teach in 11 school districts and 9 charter schools across the Phoenix metro-area.
  • Nationally, there are 4,100 first year corps members across Teach For America’s 35 regions.
  • We now have nearly 600 known Teach For America alumni living and working in Arizona in various sectors to ensure educational equity for all students, with nearly two-thirds of all alumni still working in education.
  • Over 600 corps members from the Phoenix, New Mexico, South Louisiana and Greater New Orleans regions are participating in the Phoenix Summer Institute training on the Arizona State University campus and in the Agua Fria and Roosevelt school districts.
  • Teach For America – Phoenix was highlighted with a spread in the Arizona Republic Viewpoints section in April. The following is a quote from this piece, “These bright, energetic teachers are leading their students to academic improvement equivalent to two and sometimes three grades in just one school year, and they are doing so in settings where people think it is not possible”—Lattie Coor, Chairman and CEO, The Center for the Future or Arizona.

Finally, you will also find a list of our regional supporters from the 2008 fiscal year at the link above.  Thanks to your support and the support of other like-minded philanthropists in our community, we’ve been able to make significant progress in advancing our students’ academic achievement.  We truly have never been more hopeful about the potential of this work and thank you again for partnering with us in the pursuit of educational equity for all children. 

[Note: For more information about Teach for America in metro Phoenix, send an e-mail to mallory.savan@teachforamerica.org]