St. Joseph’s Hospital and InNexus Biotechnology Enter Collaborative Partnership

September 19, 2008

By hammersmith

[Source: PRNewswire-FirstCall] – St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, part of Catholic HealthcareWest, one of the largest healthcare systems in the West with 42 hospitalsin Arizona, California and Nevada and InNexus Biotechnology Inc., a drugdevelopment company commercializing the next generation of monoclonalantibodies based on its Dynamic Cross Linking (DXL(TM)) technology,announces a collaborative partnership focusing on the development oftreatments for women with endometriosis.

“I am pleased to announce this new partnership between St. Joseph’sHospital and InNexus to explore, develop and commercialize new therapeuticsolutions for women,” said Jeff Morhet, Chairman and CEO of InNexusBiotechnology, “We’ve already identified our first project, aimed atproviding new treatments to attack the problem of endometriosis, a painfulcondition that can lead to other conditions, such as infertility.”

“We’re excited to join InNexus in pursuing new treatments to help womenwith endometriosis,” says Linda Hunt, President of St. Joseph’s. “We hopethis is the first of many collaborations that will ultimately help patientsin need.”

Scientific activities of the partnership will be conducted infacilities of both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and InNexus’GLP (Good Lab Practice) certified drug development laboratories withfunding provided by research grants, the partners and strategiccollaborators. Additional details were not disclosed.