Phoenix/Tempe vow cooperation on biosciences, arts

August 8, 2003

By hammersmith

Tempe and Phoenix officials put aside their differences yesterday to discuss key issues of common interest: the biosciences and arts.

The meeting involved three members of each city council. It represented a first attempt at restoring relations between the two cities, damaged by conflicts over issues such as airport traffic and bids for the construction of the Arizona Cardinals stadium.

“With the departure of the two mayors, the remaining councils, I think, are looking forward to trying to heal some wounds,” Tempe Vice Mayor Barb Carter told the Arizona Republic. “We’re all kind of chasing the same dream, so why not see if there are other ways that we can help each other stimulate the economy and save taxpayers some money?”

Parallel efforts were discussed, including Tempe’s Arizona Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University and the Phoenix Bioscience Center at Copper Square; and the new Tempe Center for the Performing Arts and Phoenix Symphony Hall.

The meeting, held at Tempe City Hall, was organized by Tempe Councilman Mark Mitchell and Phoenix Vice Mayor Greg Stanton. It involved Tempe’s Cultural and Community Programs committee and its Tourism and Economic Development Committee, and Phoenix’s Education, Culture and Genomics Committee.

“The real competition is not within cities in the Valley,” Stanton told the East Valley Tribune. “The real competition is with cities like Denver and San Diego and San Antonio.”

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