Life Hack Day brings together Flinn Scholars to talk about future paths

March 8, 2023

By brianpowell

One of the highlights of the year for the Flinn Scholars is the annual Life Hack Day, which gathers current Scholars and alumni for a day of career development, mentoring, networking, and community.

The Feb. 4 afternoon event at the Phoenix Art Museum attracted some 60 Flinn Scholars attending Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona who had the opportunity to meet and engage in conversation with nine Scholar alumni—including recently elected Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes—about a wide range of topics.

Below are some thoughts from Flinn Scholars who attended Life Hack Day:

Kyle Polen
2019 Flinn Scholar

“Life Hack Day always makes me feel grateful to be a part of such a welcoming and energizing network of people. It’s a great opportunity to learn from mentors as well as catch up with current Scholars. As a senior, I’ve realized that connecting with the Flinn Scholars community is one of the best benefits of the scholarship.”

Catherine Broski
2020 Flinn Scholar 

“It is reassuring and inspiring to see the long-term impact of Flinn in the lives of alumni. To have a community of professionals who continue to pursue their passions and curiosities, even as those shift and change, is an empowering source of mentorship. It also makes me feel more confident about being able to make disparate interests blend together into a career.”

Isabella Espinoza
2020 Flinn Scholar

“Life Hack Day leaves me surprised every year and has managed to change my professional and personal life in really great ways. Without fail, connecting with alumni changes my perspective of not only the future but also the present.”

Max Bregman
2020 Flinn Scholar

“I look forward to Life Hack Day every year because I know I’m going to meet more Scholars and get closer with those I already know. Meeting with various alumni has led to great opportunities in my life, and I’m sure only more opportunities will come with meeting more of the Flinn community.”

Netia Unger
2021 Flinn Scholar

“Life Hack Day is an event that connects current Scholars to alumni with valuable information and advice. It gives Scholars the ability to question their paths and ask themselves what they want for their future.”  

Ivan Carrillo
2021 Flinn Scholar

“Every time I attend Life Hack Day, not only do I get to see most of my Flinn class together, but it allows me to view life differently. I remember that I am human and am allowed to make mistakes. 

Hannah Lennon
2022 Flinn Scholar

“My first Life Hack Day was an extraordinary experience. It was inspiring and invigorating to talk to former Flinns who truly embody what it means to make change and do good for Arizona.”