Civic Leadership

Q & A with Flinn-Brown Fellow Erik Lee, Executive Director, North American Research Partnership

Flinn-Brown Fellow Erik Lee is known internationally for his expertise on Mexico and the relationships among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Recently he and Christopher Wilson, deputy director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., edited The U.S.-Mexico Border Economy in Transition. Your report describes the border region as “both Mexico and the […]

News and Opportunities from the Leadership Collaborative

Congratulations to Greater Tucson Leadership Class of 2015! The Greater Tucson Leadership (GTL) Class of 2015 recently marked the end of their 10-month leadership experience together and celebrated their commitment to ever-greater pursuits at a graduation event in their honor. Through the GTL curriculum, the class participated in a retreat, a Call to Action Day, […]

Meet Flinn-Brown Fellow Kevin Hartke

You can call Kevin Hartke Pastor, Director, or Vice Mayor, since his days include at once ministry, municipal policymaking, and leading a social-service initiative, among many other roles. Outdoorsman makes sense, too, since Kevin clearly values adventure almost as much as he does faith and service. On his rare days off, you likely will find […]

Civic Leadership Throwback Thursday: Arnold Elias

Native Arizonan Arnold Elias served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 1959-1962, but his election came about in an unusual way. As a political-science student at the University of Arizona after a stint in the military, he became a House candidate as part of a class project. Listen to the whole story in this […]

Engaging Partners Statewide: A Big Win for Flinn-Brown Fellow David Martinez III and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

Flinn-Brown Fellow David Martinez III often starts his day by walking through the massive St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance’s warehouse in an industrial part of Phoenix. Pallets of dry and canned goods, fruit, proteins, and dairy are meticulously organized by category and expiration date and labeled for delivery to some 300 food distribution partners across […]

Flinn-Brown Fellow Juan Ciscomani in the News

Flinn-Brown Fellow Juan Ciscomani has served as the director of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s Southern Arizona office since March 2015. He recently described to Arizona Daily Star’s Tim Stellar what drew him to the job and how he is representing the region. Read his interview here.

Recognizing Those Who Serve

Since 1985, the Public Employees Roundtable and its member organizations (which are mostly at the federal and national level) have organized Public Service Recognition Week to honor those who serve as federal, state, county and local government employees. It is hard to imagine a place’s quality of life without everyone from first responders to park […]

Pass the Word—Hands-On Professional Development for Elementary Teachers at Biosphere 2

Dr. Kevin Bonine, Flinn-Brown Fellow and Education & Outreach Director at Biosphere 2 (in addition to UA faculty appointments in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment) recently organized an enlightening learning tour for Flinn-Brown Fellows and Flinn Scholars. He also told us about a professional development opportunity that […]

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