Apthera and TGen Drug Development Services (TD2) Sign Master Services Agreement

August 12, 2008

By hammersmith

[Source: BUSINESS WIRE] – Apthera, Inc., a Scottsdale, Arizona-based biotechnology company focused on cancer immunotherapy, today announced an alliance with TGen Drug Development Services (TD2) under a Master Services Agreement. TD2 will provide key drug development and regulatory services related to the clinical development of NeuVax(TM), Apthera’s lead immunotherapy drug indicated for the adjuvant treatment of early-stage, lymph-node-positive breast cancer that contains the HER2 oncogene. Apthera is currently preparing NeuVax for pivotal international Phase III clinical trials.

“We feel that the extra capacity TD2 provides will help accelerate the development of our lead product, NeuVax, filling in vital, near-term responsibilities for our rapidly growing Company,” said Dr. Alton C. Morgan, Apthera’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“The clinical team at TD2 is very excited to support Apthera as it prepares for its pivotal Phase III clinical trial, with the goal to improve outcomes in women who received adjuvant treatment for breast cancer, as advances in this arena are still clearly needed,” said Dr. Stephen P. Anthony, Chief Medical Officer of TD2.