Alzheimer’s drug Dimebon fails in study

March 3, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: ABC News] – Dimebon, a once-promising new Alzheimer’s drug from Pfizer Inc., may be no more effective than a placebo at treating the disease, according to late-stage clinical data released by the company Wednesday.

But while this news comes as a shock to many and a disappointment to all in the Alzheimer’s community, some experts say the game’s not over yet for Dimebon.

“The need for new therapies is huge and we should not be daunted by a single failed trial,” says Dr. Pierre Tariot, associate director of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute. “The field…is littered with examples of trials that fail to show benefit even with drugs that work and are FDA approved. From my perspective, the drug needs to be studied further.”

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