Outgoing Flinn Scholars pursuing advanced degrees, work, and service

May 11, 2017

By Matt Ellsworth


The 2017 Flinn Scholars Recognition Dinner honored 17 outgoing Scholars who will be graduating from Arizona’s public universities with long lists of achievements and extraordinary plans for the future.

The May 6 dinner at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix also honored the recently announced 32nd class of Flinn Scholars. During the annual event, the 20 Arizona high-school seniors paid tribute to their selected Distinguished Educators.

A wide range of undergraduate degrees were pursued by the outgoing Scholars. Fields of study include biomedical engineering, economics, mathematics, chemical engineering, percussion performance, computer science, physiology, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and anthropology.

Some outgoing Scholars will be pursuing advanced degrees following graduation, including at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix and several elite universities around the country. Several Scholars will be entering the workforce, ranging from a global management consulting firm to a high-tech Phoenix startup. Others will hit the road—two bound for Malaysia as Fulbright English Teaching Assistants, and another using the immediate months following graduation to travel and write.

Below are the 17 outgoing Flinn Scholars honored at the 2017 dinner and their future plans.

Trevor Barroero: Will pursue a master’s degree in percussion performance at the University of Georgia.

Sarah Bosch: Will serve in Malaysia as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.

Meera Doshi: Will intern at global management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company before traveling to Malaysia to serve as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.

Spencer Elliott:  Will pursue a J.D./MBA and an M.S. in finance.

Elizabeth Hannah: Will pursue a law degree.

Alden “Allie” Hill:
 Will work with reproductive-justice collectives in Seattle.

Rohan Murty: Will pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Meilin Ryan Ossanna: Will pursue a law degree.

Savannah Pearson (Ayala): Will pursue an M.D. at New York University.

Julianna Renzi: Will pursue a Ph.D. in marine ecology.

Jacob Rockland: Will work at Somatic Labs in Phoenix.

Swaroon Sridhar: Will pursue a master’s degree in management science and engineering at Columbia University.

Sanjay Srinivasan: Will work at McKinsey & Company in Atlanta.

Samantha-Su Taylor: Will pursue an M.D. at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix.

Cooper Temple: Will travel and write before applying for a Fulbright award in Morocco and to graduate school.

Suhitha Veeravelli: Will pursue an M.D. at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix.

Ethan Wilson: Will pursue an M.D. and Master of Public Health at the University of Wisconsin.

The Flinn Scholarship, supported by the Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation and Arizona’s public universities, covers the cost of tuition and room and board at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, or University of Arizona; provides funding for at least two study-abroad experiences and an off-campus internship; and offers other benefits.

The highly competitive, merit-based scholarship is valued at more than $115,000.

Today, the Flinn Scholar community consists of nearly 600 current Scholars and alumni.

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