Seeding innovation: 12 Flinn Foundation grantees to tackle clinical needs 

PHOENIX—Imagine a bioactive dressing to help diabetic wounds heal faster, or a wearable device to catch septic shock before severe symptoms emerge, or a new therapeutic that prevents addiction in patients managing chronic pain with opioids.  These are three of a dozen new diagnostics, treatments, and products that teams of Arizona scientists and clinicians will […]

Arizona Center for Civic Leadership announces 2023 class of Flinn-Brown Fellows

Flinn Foundation program selects 28 Fellows for their interest to engage actively in civic life PHOENIX—The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership at the Flinn Foundation has selected 28 leaders from across the state as the 15th cohort of Flinn-Brown Fellows. Each brings diverse career and political experiences, policy interests, and perspectives to Arizona’s most prestigious leadership […]

On the rise in 2023: Six Arizona bioscience startups

Phoenix area, Tucson companies selected for Flinn Foundation program PHOENIX—The Arizona bioscience startups representing the 10th cohort of the Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program are developing innovative products and devices to better treat cancer, improve mental health, provide long-lasting refrigeration of blood and medicine, and more efficiently and safely move patients. The six early-stage firms […]

Arizona Center for Civic Leadership chooses statewide leaders for Flinn-Brown Fellowship

PHOENIX—The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership at the Flinn Foundation has selected the 2022 Flinn-Brown Fellows, 27 leaders who will participate in Arizona’s most prestigious leadership program on state policy and politics. Members of the 14th cohort of Flinn-Brown Fellows, bringing together diverse political perspectives, experience, and policy interests, currently serve in the private and […]

Top Arizona students chosen for state’s most competitive and prestigious scholarship

Twenty Flinn Scholars to attend an Arizona university PHOENIX—The 2022 Flinn Scholarship, which provides a full ride for college at one of Arizona’s public universities, has been awarded to 20 of Arizona’s highest-achieving students. The Flinn Scholars Program, supported by the Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation in partnership with Arizona’s three state universities, covers the cost of […]

Arizona’s bioscience sector hits record highs 20 years into strategic plan

PHOENIX—Arizona’s bioscience sector is performing at historically high levels two decades after the creation of Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap placed the state on a long-term trajectory toward success. The April 20 report, the latest performance analysis commissioned by the Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation and presented by TEConomy Partners, shows record highs in bioscience jobs, wages, venture capital, […]

Seven Arizona bioscience startups to watch in 2022

Metro Phoenix, Tucson firms to earn $30K through Flinn Foundation entrepreneurship program PHOENIX—A regenerative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, a respiratory-assist device to improve COPD patient care, a blood-based test for colorectal cancer, and a treatment to solve bad dog breath are some of the transformative advances of the 2022 Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program participants. […]
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