“You are going to have fun”

October 5, 2007

By hammersmith

The above promise from Sean Aiken (’02) appears in this article from the Daily Wildcat.

Read the Tucson Citizen‘s article at your peril–Sean says he was a little sorta kinda misquoted. Although… that’s exactly what the rock stars in “Almost Famous” said, too, and we know they were just embarrassed by the publicity about their leaps from rain gutters into swimming pools.

Anyway, the occasion of this second Aiken post in less than 18 days is the imminent Club Crawl, happening in Tucson this Saturday night.

Sean’s band, Doubletop, plays at 9pm on the Bookmans/Mountain stage. That gives you plenty of time to get over to the Rialto Theatre by 11pm, when They Might Be Giants takes the stage to sing about the alphabet. Or Turkey. Or who knows what.