Why we applied: On going for the Flinn Scholarship

June 17, 2019

By Matt Ellsworth

Flinn Foundation: What led you to apply for the Flinn Scholarship? 

Ruby Kerwin:  I went to a high school that had had multiple Flinn Scholars before me and I remember hearing about the opportunities and community they found with Flinn, but I did not have a clear idea of what the Flinn Scholarship was. I decided to fill out an application, but at that point I was set on going to college out of state. After I spent time talking with current Flinn Scholars and learning more about the resources, experiences, and support available to Flinn Scholars, I realized I really wanted the Scholarship. 

Alexa Nguyen:  I initially heard about the Flinn Scholarship when I was a freshman in high school from a current Flinn Scholar at the time, Nikil Selvam (Class of 2010). He explained to me what the Scholarship was and what it had to offer. I kept it in mind as I progressed through high school, and when the time came to apply, I knew I might as well go for it because it was an unbelievable opportunity. I certainly didn’t think I would get it when I applied, but I recognized how valuable the Scholarship would be, both from a monetary standpoint and the access to a community of Scholars that would support me during my time as an undergrad and beyond. 

Ben Trumpinski: I actually had never heard of the Flinn Scholarship until about two weeks before the application deadline. I came from a high school that had never had a Flinn Scholar, so it really wasn’t advertised. I was chatting with a friend about “this amazing scholarship in Arizona” and decided to check it out. I started looking into it and decided it would be a mistake not to give it a shot, so I scrambled to pull everything together by the deadline and it ended up working out. (Hint: Just because I unintentionally waited until the last minute doesn’t mean you should!) 

Learn more about Flinn Scholars Ruby Kerwin, Alexa Nguyen, and Ben Trumpinski, selected in 2015 as members of the 30th class of Flinn Scholars.

The 2020 Flinn Scholarship application will be available in mid-August.