Who to call if you burn your fingers on a parabolic oven

January 18, 2008

By hammersmith

We were trying to think of a good lawyer joke, but it’s hard to make a really good lawyer joke when the lawyer in question, Chris Jaap (’91), is doing really good work.

Sigh. This job is tough sometimes.

We’re guessing the best we can do in this case is just include a really old photo of Chris, in the hope that such a photo will be funny all by itself. Which occasionally almost works, except when Justice O’Connor is in the photo with Chris, and then it’s just a really cool picture.


But about that really good work we mentioned: These days Chris serves as Associate General Counsel for SunPower Corp. You know them–the solar-power people in California that are aiming for a six-fold increase in production by 2010, and are projecting a 50% reduction in system costs by 2012, and don’t kill baby polar bears with oil slicks or anything like that. Yeah… pretty good work.