We want to join the army and catch a case of the bird flu

October 25, 2007

By hammersmith

Not that anybody in the hospital is ever lucky, exactly… it nevertheless sounds like Christy (Buck) Oberg‘s (’93) patients at the VA in Tucson are in really good hands:

I did my residency in internal medicine and then did a chief resident year. Since then, I’ve been working full time at the VA hospital here. Its a great job for me. I love getting to teach the medical students and residents. It’s always challenging, because this patient population tends to be “sicker” than average, so there is never a slow day. And for some reason I have a soft spot for these grumpy old men. They tend to be very appreciative for their care and that makes the job so much easier. I was never very good at dealing with the rich entitled patients at the private hospitals. (:

In my “non-work life,” I got married a couple of years ago to a former marine who is now a medical student. He has one year left, and then we’ll see what field he chooses and where we go for his residency. For now, it’s just us and our two rescue-dog mutts.